Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sharp World Clock 5.8: Free Download

Sharp World Clock 5.8: Free Download

License / Price: Trial / USD 39.00 - Buy now

Size: 5.9 MB

OS: Windows 2K / Vista / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64

Last Updated: July 18th, 2012, 07:27 UTC


Sharp World Clock description

Here are some key features of "Sharp World Clock":

· Any number of resizable clocks you need, in a line (horizontal / vertical) or grid arrangement or single
· Fully transparent background with no surrounding rectangle (adjustable transparency)
· Undock Clocks from the main window and arrange them anywhere; redock them if you need to
· Fully customizable, huge city database with every Time Zone and every Country in the world, search function included
· Show the time on resizable analog and/or digital clocks
· Choose from a variety of Date / Time Formatters or create your own time format in your own language or in any language; use 12 hour (am/pm) mode or 24 hour (military) mode
· Select any Color (solid or gradient) or Background Image (stretched or tiled) you like for the clock faces; you can change the provided presets or create your own from scratch
· Choose different Fonts and Font Sizes for city labels, digital clock and the numbers on the analog clock faces
· Select from 9 different hour / minute hands and 9 different second hands for the analog clocks
· Realistic, soft shadows for the clock faces, the clock hands and the labels (Windows Vista / Windows 7 only)
· Integrated World Map with time zones, earth shadow and the sun's position plus zoom view with Country Borders
· Realistically sounding Chimes (sound signals) on the hour and optionally every quarter (church bell / grandfather's clock style)
· Accurate Sunrise, Sunset and Moon Phase calculation (no internet connection required), even for the polar zones!
· Integrated Alarm Center with unlimited alarms (local time zone or any other time zone (once, hourly, weekly, monthly, annualy, periodic timers plus count-down timers), silent or with sound in wav, mp3, wma or mid format; even spoken messages!
· Sticky Notes with configurable sizes, colors, fonts and font sizes - always just a click away
· Always up-to-date Daylight Saving Time database, updated with Windows updates (you do not have to update the program ever to stay up-to-date!)
· Global, configurable Hotkeys to hide and show the program window, to power off your monitor(s) during work breaks and to eject your disk drive with a key combination
· Display the local time offset and a "daylight saving" indicator (*) for each city in the upper left corner of the clock faces and an AM/PM indicator in the right corner
· Check for precise atomic time with a list of NIST servers on the internet and set the system clock accordingly
· Speaking Time on the hour, on the quarter, every 5 minutes or even every minute
· International Country Flags of all countries on top of the clock faces (optional)
· Optionally "gray out" clocks, which are outside of the Out of Office time span; this time span can be set for each clock individually
· Unmovable mode and Click through mode, to use the program as a desktop background
· Temporarily adjust the time of all clocks within a +/- 12 hours time span (5 minute grid) with a trackbar, so you can instantly and intuitively see the time in other cities for any selected time!
· Unique Artifical Sky feature (graphical representation of the day/night sky) for every clock, showing the position of the sun on the horizon (switchable for northern or southern hemisphere)
· Add new cities, edit existing cities or delete cities; add a web link and a text note for every city
· Auto-sort clocks by time zone or by city name; Optionally change the clock order by drag & drop within a list view
· Easy-to-use RSS/Atom Feed Reader with search function: Keeps you in touch with your favourite News Feeds (editable collection of news sites included)
· System Tray (Tray Icon) mode and variable Always On Top option
· Time Zone Converter - convert from one time zone to another easily, for any given date and time
· Meeting Scheduler - arrange telephone conferences easily and intuitively across several time zones
· Weather Report for the current day and the next four days, for every included city - with animated weather icons
· Dialing codes for phone conferences, ISO codes
· Export / Import function to save/backup and transfer all your settings and restore them again later
· Ready for Multi-Monitor-Environments and Windows 7 / Vista (32 bit and 64 bit)
· Easy and intuitively to use and to configure: you'll probably never need the help files.
· Excellent stablilty and accuracy. No internet connection required during normal use

· .Net Framework 4.0

· 15 days trial

now, you can download Sharp World Clock 5.8 from here OR here - it's Free Download